Handbag Essential!


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Large enough to carry all your beauty necessities, this gorgeous hand-embroidered make-up bag from Emma Lomax is a handbag essential.  Fully lined, this make-up bag is water-resistant and closes with a zip.

Outer: 100% canvas with Scotchguard protection
Inner: Water-resistant foam lining with porous synthetic cotton

Dimensions: 19 (W) x 15 (H) x 9 (G) cm + zip and handle


To order – http://www.handbags-at-dawn.com/index.php/limited-editions/make-up-bag.html

About Emma

Emma Lomax is a Fine Art Graduate with a lifelong passion for embroidery and the home-made.  Emma decided to mix her passion, experience and skill to create wittily stitched, high quality, ethical sourced canvas bags.

Each piece is lovingly finished by hand, making every one an original. This further allows the owner to feel individual and unique.


Nail looks for handbags

For a bit of friday fun we’ve matched our latest favourite nail looks, to our favourite bags – have we got it right? We’d love to know what you think.

Look 1. handbags-at-dawn.com camel tote with blue and silver nails







Look 2. handbags-at-dawn.com messenger with black nails







Look 3. handbags-at-dawn.com city bag with glow in the dark nails







Look 4. handbags-at-dawn.com coffee shoulder bag with purple spotty nails







Look 5. handbags-at-dawn.com  black clutch with silver nails







Look 6. handbags-at-dawn.com black shoulder with pink bow nails







Look 7. handbags-at-dawn.com quilted shoulder bag, gold and turquoise nails






Look 8. Handbags-at-dawn.com purple clutch and dior nails







Please check out our website at www.handbags-at-dawn.com and have a lovely weekend!