Capture and share the essence of a Kachina Spirit

TANQ_KOKOCapture and share the essence of a Kachina Spirit, with these gorgeous leather totes created by Milleonya a Mashantucket Pequot/Taino descendant.

A Kachina is a spiritual being representing anything from the natural realm or cosmos. A spirit can be an animal, deity, quality, an element, natural phenomenon, location, concept, or the spirit of a divine ancestor.

Milleonya has a deep sense of pride in her Native culture.  Milleonya seeks to share her passion and enthusiasm of the native culture by focusing her designs in native attire and accessories adding the pizzazz of a millennium twist.


The stunning TANQNUVIK’SONA Kachina bag is also know as Whipper and is a disciplinary, evoking power and energy. 





The beautiful KOKOPELL MANA Kachina bag represents the spirit of the wife of Kokopelli, and is a seductress, evoking sensuality, passion and allure.


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