5 things to check out today…

5 things to check out today




1. If you have a special occasion coming up Hostie hats http://www.hostiehats.co.uk are definately worth checking out.






2. An image from Anna Wintour’s pinterst page, check out the other weird and wonderful images at http://pinterest.com/voguemagazine/anna-wintour-s-favorite-images-from-vogue/





3. Perfectly dramatic evening eye makeup, from the clever Miss Flicklash blends false eye lashes with a liquid liner-like feline flick available from harvey nics.






4. Chocolate spoons! Pour molten choc into a silicon mould from lakeland and pop simply out a set of perfect spoons when set, for a great accompaniment to after-dinner coffee.





5. Love the peplums then this Hobb’s Marisa belt is a must check out.


Hope you like our choices for today! www.handbags-at-dawn.com


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