It’s U.S. vs. Britain in the Battle of the Tote Bags

It’s U.S. vs. Britain in the Battle of the Tote Bags

First, Britain embraced an Olympic-themed souvenir tote bag that said “I’m Renting My Flat to a Fat American Family.”


Intelligent Technologies

Then the U.S. answered.

A souvenir bag is now available online that boasts: “Proud American family renting an overpriced London flat from some snooty Brits with bad teeth!”

“We thought that since the British retailers decided to take a humorous poke at a popular American stereotype it was only fair for us to take a humorous poke back at a popular British stereotype,” said Tim Barry of, the U.S.-based online retailer behind the bags, in a statement.

The U.S. bags sell for $14.95, with 10% of profits going to the U.S. Special Olympics. The British bags sell for GBP 15 ($23.50) and proceeds go to women’s groups in Malawi, where they are produced. Toby Leigh, who designed the original British bags as a joke and has had to put in extra orders after they sold out, laughed loudly when he learned of the U.S. payback bags. “That’s absolutely brilliant,” he said, while noting that the U.S. bags were “not very well designed.”

“But you don’t get a better comeback than that, I’m gonna buy one,” he said.

His own bags are still going strong, with many self-mocking Americans placing orders online, and he has since released T-shirts and pins. Who will get the gold in this latest Olympic race?

—Alice Speri



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