How to look after your handbag in the rain!

With the wettest June in UK records, and no sign of improvement for the next few weeks, handbags-at-dawn thought we’d tackle the issue of rain and leather handbags.

Leather is a fantastic and durable natural product, it is unlikely that a few spots of rain will damage a leather bag, a good quality leather will normally react in a natural way, and lets the water evaporate on it’s own.

However. if you find your leather bag soaked through here are our best tips:-

  1. Empty the contents from your handbag.
  2. Pat the bag dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Leave it in a warm dry place to dry naturally. NEVER leave your bag near a heater or under direct sunlight, this will cause the leather to crack.
  4. Use an appropriate leather care product after drying your bag to restore the balance of natural oils and enhance its natural shine.

Keeping your bag regularly moisturized with a good quality leather cleaner will always help to maintain it’s appearance.

Here are some of our favourite products:-

LTT Leather Care

Love my Bag leather Nourish and care £9.95



Love My Bag Ultimate Leather Protector £9.95



Furniture Clinic Leather care kit £24.95

500ml Leather Ultra Clean – £15
500ml Leather Protection Cream – £16
Sponge & Cloth


6 thoughts on “How to look after your handbag in the rain!

  1. do you know any tios for soy sauce? my croc embossed leather handbag got soy sauce in the bottom. put dome baby powder for thr grease to come off but then dont know how to clean it!!! is expensive, I should just take it to the cleaners right?

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