5 things we’re loving today

5 things we are loving today, hope you love them too!






1. Sleeveless trench from Pure and it’s in the sale!







2. Bracelet from Dorit Winehouse – Starinbar http://www.starinbar.co.uk/








3. Just in time for the Olympics,  an Insider’s Guide to London, get away from the crowd and discover what London locals have to offer. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jetsetter-for-ipad-hotels/id416813861?mt=8








4. Vicious studded ballet pumps from topshop








5. Pink kitchen worktop seen today on the Sadie and Daisy blog  http://sadieanddasie.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/pink-3/ goes perfectly with our shoulder bag in pink!




3 designers we’re liking today

                    1. Thakoon from the pre-spring 2013 collection http://www.thakoon.com/collections/lookbook/thakoon-addition/prespring-2013                           2. Cedric Charlier pre-spring 2013   http://www.cedric-charlier.com/eu_en/10/           … Continue reading

4 things we’re loving today







1. Mary Katrantzou’s pencil cage dress available from Selfridges








2. Chanel surf boards






3. Mini  fur collar available from topshop













4. Anton Heunis’s three crystal square statement necklace from my wardrobe.

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Calling all Bloggers – Please support this great cause and spread the word.

We were really touched by Nikki’s tweet yesterday and wanted to share her story with you on our blog today.  We think she’s a real inspiration.

Nikki’s story…

Here is why I’m running the london marathon as an offical runner for the Action for Blind ppl which is part of the RNIB  group.

Please can you  take 3 mins to read this –

All about Lillie one of my twin daughters she is 19 months, after months of not being listen to and her condition not being picked up from birth I fought to get her a refferal to be seen by an eye doctor.  Well finally at 9 months old she got diagnosed with bilateral ( means both eyes ) coloboma of the iris and retinas 1 in 10,000 has this and not long ago …diagnosed with optic nerve coloboma in the left eye 1 in 200,000 has this these statistics are from the us as there are not actual statistics from the UK to go on but Lillie is my one in a million.

This means she barely if any sight in her left eye and no central vision in her right eye she also needs glasses to correct her long/short sightedness. Lillie has many issues that run along side the coloboma she has adjusted to everyday life all …by herself such a little super star. So I decided to apply to run for the action for blind ppl in conjunction with the rnib in the London marathon of next yr I found out a week earlier than normally as I phoned them them and my application has been sucessful.

So now the hard part is the training and getting fit and getting sponsers any sponsership will be great even if its a quid every little helps and if you can’t spare a quid can you share my story via your Twitters and facebook accounts and also my just giving page.

I’m running for the action for blind ppl in conjunction with the rnib for the following reasons being my daughters is an inspirational little girl and if see can do day to day things without complaining I should run this race on behalf of her to raise money and awareness this is one of my twins

We have a fundraising group on facebook in just the first two day the group was open we had over a thousand members and its still rising we have had some great items donated also we have also a half page advertising up for bid in a magazine that reaches across some parts of the country and this normally costs 150 if your interested and bid you could get a bargin.



twitter – @runnikkirun2013

Please can you spread the word and support Nikki – running the london marathon in itself is so hard, let alone with young twins and Lillie’s condition – Full respect to you Nikki for doing this for Lillie and  RNIB – and GOOD LUCK!

handbags-at-dawn are donating one of our shoulder bags in coffee leather to this great cause.

French chic and something to make you laugh

In honour of the forthcoming Bastille day on Saturday we’re featuring a couple of French sites we’ve liked today.

1. Hartford http://www.hartford.fr  love the site design and the clothes are fabulous!

2. Caroll  www.caroll.com/corp_en/our-looks/style-tips/dress-code some great style tips for chic french summer looks.

3. This really made us laugh today…


Three things we are loving today

1. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation. Twenty years after the launch of TOUCHE ÉCLAT, Yves Saint Laurent adopts a leading edge technology that transfroms the magic of the legendary highlighter into a foundation to achieve the same … Continue reading